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Devon Perry       actor . coach . musician

Devon will be reprising her role as Natalie in 

All Shook Up

At the Westchester Broadway Theatre
Previews start Thursday, March 5th! 



"Thankfully, Devon Perry seems to be able to sing this score with so many colors, I wondered how to characterize her. She could be lyrical in the ballads and able to belt with the same ease. It was a tour de force!"  

- Broadway World 

"Her powerful voice delivered not a wistful rendition of the iconic song [Somewhere Over the Rainbow], but a fresh approach that embodied Dorothy’s optimism and determination, and offered a glimpse of the inner strength that will later stand Dorothy in good stead through her trials and tribulations in Oz. Perry’s Dorothy is a feisty, dynamic youngster; it’s easy to understand why she doesn’t crumble..." 


- Mercury Magazine

"When she sings, Perry lights up the stage and fills the theater with her powerful and versatile vocal performance that not only thrilled the audience, but lifted the energy of the wonderful cast on stage.  As I watched, I wondered to myself was I witnessing the emergence of a future star of the theater?"
Valley 24 Review




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